Susten Pass, Swiss Alps

Susten Pass, Swiss Alps, Switzerland is part of what is commonly known as the Grimsel–Nufenen–Gotthard–Susten Pass Route and is located in the Central Alps. These four passes provide one of the most breathtaking sight seeing tours in the world.


The route begins in Meiringen. In a singe day, you can experience each pass along the approximately 8,000 sq. meter passage way.

Each pass offer a distinct view of scenery right out of a stunning portrait.

  • The Grimsel Pass cuts through beautiful artificial lakes.
  • The Nufenen Pass ascends into the majestic mountains up to an altitude of almost 3,000 meters.
  • Onto the Gotthard Pass, you cone to the king of all alpine roads which connects to the Devil’s Bridge.
  • Finally, you come to the Susten Pass which offers an unforgettable view of the Stein Glacier.