Moritzburg Castle

Schloss Moritzburg stands on an island surrounded by forest. Moritzburg Castle was built in the year 1547 as a hunting palace and summer retreat by Moritz, Duke of Saxony. Later, from 1723 – 33, August the Strong arranged the structural alterations to a baroque palace.

There are four round towers for symmetry, and inside is baroque style, and very elegant with gold and glitter all over. A chapel was added in 1661, and later other additions came by the residents who lived here as heirs until 1945 being the last ones to occupy.

Moritzburg Castle

Today the castle boasts a rich collection of hunting trophies, baroque furniture and fine porcelain. Of particular interest are the hand-made leather wall hangings that can be found in most rooms of the museum. The imprinted leather is decorated with silver leaf and bright colors throughout.

The “Feather Room” even won a European Cultural Heritage Award. Far over one million colorful feathers were made into a unique piece of decorative art: the magnificent bed of Augustus the Strong. Just as unique is the lavishly painted gold leather tapestry on the walls of the electoral refuge.

Moritzburg Castle in Germany

There are beautiful trails for walking around the surrounding park and the neighboring pheasant-hunting grounds. Even if there are no guided tours at the moment, the tired traveler can take a load off by the lake with miniature port and watch the lighthouse spin round. When in Moritzburg the visitor should by no means miss a look at the Little Pheasant Castle that can be reached in just a few minutes on foot or by horse-drawn coach.