How to Keep a Travel Journal

It goes without saying that memories of trips and vacations fade with time. Keeping a travel journal is simple and worth its weight in gold.

It is a given that you will forget funny little events as the years pass. Snapping images with your mobile phone or even with a “real” camera can help preserve your memories. Keeping a journal is a great way to remember the details of your trip.

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How To Keep A Travel Journal

How To Keep A Travel Journal to your trip, purchase a journal you can bring with you.

Some people like to journal on their laptop or on their phone. While that is also a great way to keep your journal, many travelers find that the physical act of taking pen to paper is unique and creates a wonderfully authentic way to document their trip.

Do it anywhere, anytime!

When traveling, there is always some down time. Sitting in airports, bus stations, and hotels gives you an opportunity to write.

An ideal time is just before hitting the sack as you have a quiet moment to reflect on the interesting, unusual, and funny snippets of the day.

The key is not how much you write, but when you write it. Since every day holds interesting little adventures, try to write at least once ever two days, but ideally every day.

Keeping a travel journal is easy!

The writing itself need not be complicated. Remember, you are writing the journal for yourself. There is no need to worry about punctuation, grammar, and so on. If you want to write paragraphs, then write paragraphs. If you want to just keep notes, then just keep notes. If you want to doodle, then go ahead and doodle. Your travel journal will not be graded!

Keeping a travel journal is incredibly simple. You just write whatever you want. As time passes, you’ll be happy you did.

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