Detian Waterfall

Detian Waterfall ~ on the China-Vietnam border, Detian Waterfall, or Virtuous Heaven Waterfall, is the largest transnational waterfall in Asia, and the second largest transnational waterfall in the world. The multi-layered stone waterfall is surrounded by an almost fairytale-like lush, green vegetation, much to the delight of visiting photography buffs.

The way that the various levels of the waterfall feed into each other creates a sight so magnificent, that it must be seen to be believed. The various colors that arise from the falls resemble a vivid kaleidoscope, creating a swirl of ever changing color right before your eyes. And before the sun rises, the water splashing and plunging into the valley below lifts a dream-like fog around the whole site. As the sun rises, the fog begins to dissipate and produces a lovely-looking rainbow in the early morning hours.

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How to get there:

1. Every day there is a shuttle bus directly departing to the Detian Waterfall Scenic Area from Langdong Bus Station in Nanning at 09:00 a.m, and returning to Nanning 03:30 p.m.
2. There are also many buses departing to Daxin County form Beida Bus Station in Nanning. Visitors can transfer a bus to the scenic area after arriving at Daxin County. Tickets Price: 80 yuan per adult, 50 yuan for children with the height between 1.20 meters (3.9 ft) and 1.40 meters (4.6 ft), and free for children under 1.20 meters (3.9 ft).

In October 2005, Detian was awarded the title of “second most beautiful waterfall in China” in a competition held by Chinese National Geographic Magazine. At dusk, the sun sets right against the backdrop of the falls, giving the descending twilight the look of a silver shimmering curtain. It is said that the luminosity and dancing colour of the Detian Waterfall sunset is literally intoxicating to on-looking tourists.

To experience the grandeur of this waterfall from an even closer distance, you can take a ride on a bamboo raft for just 20 RMB per person. Seeing the waterfall up close by bamboo raft is a must, and it’s quite entertaining to be greeted by the many Vietnamese locals who gather along the riverside hawking their handmade wares. While it sounds a bit disruptive, the jovial presence of these peddlers actually adds to the scenery of Detian Waterfall.

Best Time to Visit: From April to November ever year, the waterfall has large water flow.

No matter if you are close to the falls or far from them, these magnificent falls are sure to captivate your heart.