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Barcelona Spain Attractions

Barcelona Spain is located in the northeastern part of the country, 90 miles south of the French border. People from all around the world enjoy visiting this city for its individuality, cultural interest and physical beauty.

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona Spain - Familia in Barcelona, Spain


Originally established by the Romans, Barcelona is a city with a rich cultural history. Today, it serves as the capital of Catalonia and is still one of the busiest port towns in the Mediterranean. Barcelona’s old town, or Ciutat Vella, is the heart of the city. It’s made up of many small neighborhoods, full of old-world character, linked by narrow, winding streets.

El Carmen district, Barcelona, Spain -
Apartments houses in El Carmen district, Barcelona, Spain



Barcelona has an old history, and there are monuments of Romanesque, Gothic, and Renaissance periods or still before; but most characteristic is what has been built during the last, say, 100 years.

Spain Barcelona -
Spain Barcelona

Stroll along Las Ramblas, a wonderfully vibrant part of the city where street vendors and performers vie for your attention. Explore the many churches and cathedrals of Barcelona and discover the city’s modernist architecture along Paseo de Gracia.

Visit Antoni Gaudí’s unfinished Sagrada Familia. With eight soaring spires and a spectacular main façade, this cathedral is a true architectural masterpiece.

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain -
Sagrada Familia at night in Barcelona, Spain. The impressive cathedral designed by Antoni Gaudi is being built since 1882 and is not finished.


Barcelona is a very cosmopolitan European city with millions of tourist visitors each year so you should not have any real problems communicating. If you love to shop then you’re going to love Barcelona! Barcelona Spain shopping offers around 35,000 shops. The city is also home to the famous 5 km shopping line.

Skyline and perspective - Barcelona Spain -
Skyline and perspective – Barcelona, Spain

The shopping line stretches from the top of the Ramblas, through Plaça de Catalunya along Passeig de Gràcia and up Avenue Diagonal. Much of the shopping line is pedestrianized making it a pleasant experience to wonder from shop to shop without worrying about traffic.

Bacelona -
Beautiful Barcelona


Tax Free

Not many people know if you live outside the European Union and come to Spain for a visit you can enjoy Tax Free shopping. This amounts to a saving of 18% off the price of any items purchased while on holiday in Spain where the total bill exceeds €90.15. But the service is only applicable to items that you intend to take back with you to your country.

Hotels and Restaurants

The tax saving however is not applicable to restaurants or hotel bills or food items as these items are not seen as exportable but rather a consumable.

Barcelona at Night -
Barcelona at Night

Other interesting things to do in Barcelona Spain is to experiences their beaches and nightlife.